Monthly P.I.E. Memos from the Principal

Partners in Education

Scholastic achievement cannot be limited to the faculty or staff. Our success as educators, parents, and administrators is found when we share a collaborative understanding on how we can best impact learners for the 21st century. From the courageous families who rallied to keep St. Peter School from closing in 2004, to the present community who keeps St. Peter Academy thriving in 2019, the success of our institution has relied solely on the collective agreement that we are all “Partners in Education”.

Shared respect and open communication are essential elements in maintaining this important relationship that directly benefits our children. To ensure continued collaboration and support, Mr. Galligan will be issuing a Monthly P.I.E. (Partners in Education) Memo that highlights the various initiatives and on-going efforts that further support collaboration as our community journeys through another academic year together.

September 2019 – PIE Memo

September 2019 – PIE Memo Calendar